Mental Ray - Shaders


Yes, I think it looks better with a bit of blurring done in photoshop. Thats what gives mine that soft glow. That was the only change though.

Looks like the same angle to me, but maybe I moved the perspective view a bit before I saved…I dont remember. Anyways, atleast it looks the same and now you have the material to play around with.


Yes, I agree about it looking better with a soft glow. :slight_smile: I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something - or that max wasn’t correctly reproducing the effect that you created. Thank you again for sharing that material, it will definitely be an inspiration and aid in complex material construction.


"Thank you again for sharing that material, it will definitely be an inspiration and aid in complex material construction. "

I’m just glad to be able to contribute something to a community that inspire’s me almost everyday.


Nice thread. Here is my try:

Under “Rendering Algorithms” in the “Renderer” tab I tried both normal and rapid for scanline. With normal selected time was 38mins 15secs, while with rapid selected render time was 1 hr 38mins 48 secs. I’m a vray user so I have no clue about tweaking MR, but I’m sure there are settings that are crazy tweakable. Maybe we can start with the AA settings? And yes, MR is not very well documented, niether is VRay but the ChaosGroup forum is great resource.


Thank you for posting your render times.


I think I managed to get the same quality as your picture but at 12 min 50 sec.

Sorry about the crappy compression. I can assure you it looks a lot like yours without the compression.

I was going to upload the MAX file with the changes but I have no webspace. If you want I can send it to you.

My computer is an Athlon XP 1800+, 512 MB RAM.


Matlock: WOW, thats great! What did you tweak to get the render time down that low?


First of all, I tweaked everything in 5 minutes max. And while rendering I had Windows Media Player on and I was surfing aswell.
Secondly, I believe that you can tweak the settings even better.

This is what I remember doing.

Changing the lights caustic photons to 70000.
Renderer Tab
Samples per pixel: Min 1/4, Max 4
Bucket Width: 48
Max. Trace Depth: Refl 3, Refr 4, Sum 4
Indirect Illumination tab
Photons (Caustics & GI)
Samples: 100
Max. Trace Depth: Refl 3, Refr 2, Sum 5

This is what I remember going through and changing. I believe the biggest time savers are the Samples per pixel and the Max Trace Depth Settings. Hope that helps.

And thanks for posting your file. I hope you can see this as a reward. :thumbsup:


AWESOME! Thanks for the tips. I adjusted further and found that you can get by with only 35000 photons in the caustic paramaters of the spot light. By doing that and making the other changes you made, mine rendered in 6 minutes and 33 seconds.



So the photons were the big time stealer. Nice work!

And I should be thanking you for posting your file. So, thank you.


I thought I’d post my material for you guys to use.
I tried to recreate plastic (or wax) as best as I could.
Here’s the result:


Interesting shape… it does not look like wax but it looks like a big solid clear rubber dog chew toy or something like that… wax is much less translucent and less reflective.


“looks like a big solid clear rubber dog chew toy or something like that”

LOL, yes it does, especially at the legs. Thank you for sharing the material!


Hey guys, I merged this into the Mental Ray Shader thread to keep it all in one location if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Ok, Thought I would continue creating materials. These are some basic metals. Most use the Metal-lume shader.

Car paints:

Non-blurred metals:

Blurred metals:


Those are looking ace there my man. Will update the first post to include them and mirror them on my server



Hi folical9,

I tried loading your materials max file and I got the following message…

“Missing map files”

The toon, Red, and Blue car paints materials work great.



“Missing map files”

You will find those two maps in the HDRI sample scene I uploaded a while back. I put another link to it on page two of this thread (I think…) It’s called HDRI scene (second post down).

It was late/early when I uploaded these last materials and I was too lazy to include the environment HDRI’s again.


the download for the HDRI’s has also been added to the 1st post of this thread.



wow this thread is really helpful :)…

*starts max :wink: