mental ray option gone?!


Hey guys.
I don’t exactly know what I did, but the option to render with Mental Ray has vanished from the Global Settings.All that remains is Maya Software and Maya Hardware
If anyone had this problem before, please let me know what can I do to fix it(I only render using MentalRay so using Maya Software is NOT an alternative)
I tried deleting the MyDocuments\maya directory, but that didn’t help…
I use Maya 7


Yes, sometimes mr disappears. Goto Window > Settings/Preferences > Plugin Manager and load Mayatomr.mll.

This question has been asked a thousand times before so just do a search next time.


This desperately needs a sticky… or Autodesk to fix the bug.


Thanks for the reply.
My objExport plugin was also not loaded, and when I enabled it in the Plugin Manager, I discovered that Mayatomr was also unchecked.I checked the loaded and the auto load box and now I have no problem.
10x and sorry for posting before doing a search.


Isn’t mental ray suppose be pre-installed and pre-loaded when you start the first time? The only way you can disable mental ray is through the plugins… or is there another way? o_O


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