Memory leak in Arnold Render


Ι have memory leak in arnold or older version it’s ok).
The memory is added every time I click Arnold Render View.
It is never released !

Does anyone have a similar problem ?
And how will it be resolved?


Solid Angle’s Arnold Memory Leaks (When Using motion Blur)
Depending on my own experience with solid angle’s Arnold, I decided that it’s very important to post this observation to those who are looking forward to use the great potential of this brilliant renderer. When I first used Arnold I was just using mental ray for about seven years and I was one of those who felt bad about porting to a new rendering system. But as soon as I tried Arnold I found it very initiative, that what took me days to accomplish only took just a few hours & most of the process was dedicated for the purpose of exploring & experimenting the wide variety of possibilities that were just dreams using mental ray. So I tried to produce a short VFX scene for the sake of experiment. I was shocked by the ease of the process & the result. But the first disappointment came when I discovered that batch rendering cannot be done without having a valid license or otherwise the result will have watermarks all over it. So I decided to use Maya’s new option for rendering a sequence of frames into the render view as an alternative to overcome the watermark problem & it did worked well till I turned on the motion blur rendering. At the beginning everything went as expected till I discovered that Maya crashed while rendering. So when I restarted Maya & continued the rendering I observed that the memory usage increases whenever a new frame starts to render, which logically can mean only that Arnold doesn’t clean memory after rendering each frame. When I searched the internet for this problem I found nothing. So I thought that this was a glitch that of curse will be fixed in the future releases of Arnold, but when I downloaded Arnold’s latest version from its official site surprisingly the problem got worse & I barely could render 20 frames before Maya crashed, this gave me bad impression about Arnold and I rethought everything about purchasing it. But recently I had the chance to try a purchased copy of Arnold and guess what? The same scene that caused Maya to crash was rendered in a totally normal way except for some slight distortions in the memory graph. And to make sure that this memory leak is related to licensing I created a restore point on the machine then removed the license & guess what? The memory leak happened again. Then when I restored the machine to its previous state everything got normal again. I’ve also noticed that Maya loads faster when Arnold Is Purchased But honestly I don’t know if this has something to do with it or not.
I’m writing this article because as I said previously I couldn’t find anybody talking about it. And also because from my point of view this intentional memory leak can cause people to be suspicious & rethink many times before buying Arnold specially for Individuals.
Of Corse its solid angle’s right to do this & I admit that this is a brilliant idea to prevent anyone from using an unpurchased version in production but I think that it would be nice if they mentioned this in their documentation or even announced this on their website.


good!!!extremely helpful 3d architectural rendering