Mega Robot Returns


A few of us at Kaktus Film had some time over inbetween
projects and decided to bring life to an old friend.

  [ (22mb)](
  [>> mirror 1](

>> lower quality version on YouTube

   [b] Link:[/b] [Behind-the-Scenes Pictures (page 4)](
   [b] Link:[/b] [Light/Comp. Info (page 4)](

Link: Destruction Info (page 6)

        Software: Maya, Combustion, Premiere and Photoshop.
        Hannes Drossel: Render, Shading, Compositing
        Dan Lindqvist: Modelling, Texturing
        James Hunt: Animation, Rigg, Particles, Sound, Edit
        Jan Johansson: Animation, Rigg, Particles, Compositing
        Please tell us what you think.
        /Kaktus Crew


Friggin amazing! I love it all :slight_smile:



thats awesome…

great job dudes.

//Clabbe k**


Great work guys! Really impressive! :slight_smile:

Mad Crew


Love it, two gigantic thumbs up guys…
If you have time post a “behind the scens”, would be great to learn how you did this???



HAHA Wickid Guys! yeah post some behind the scene stuff with the crew in the underpants or something! Should get ourselfs a Mojito tommorow to celebrate this baby!
see ya soon!



Shit! Det var grymt bra gjort!

Feta credz till er alla!!


skit bra Mr. Hunt :slight_smile:

Greetings from Radar…


Well, I wish that was mine, because then I would AUTOMATICALLY get a freaking job!! Very nice!!


As skön film dudes!



Really great work there!!! :scream: The robot design is flawless and overall a really impressive piece!! Wish you all kaktus people the best :wink:



hahaha awesome! Great rendering and hilarious ending! 5stars


JAJAJAJAJA ! very nice ! I loved it. The only crit is that the rock should do more damage to the car (blow the windows out), but even like it is I think is great !!!
GREAT JOB ! Love tho robot and the whole model and render


Wow this is amazing!
Absolutely great work.
I love the phantastic VFX
and the amazing animation
of the robot. 5*

Thumbs up!


ruskigt sköna ljud o klockrent slut =D

bra jobbat grabbar


really nice jobb guys =)


ahahaha AMAZING!
the car crash feels not the same quality of the rest.
Anyway coooooollll job!



Awesome work guys! poor dog…



Awesome work guys! poor dog…



Hey Guys

thats a wesome job guys. Very well done. I like the composition and the and , sooo funny. The only think that catch my eyes is the car when he kicked , and the car still intact. The other thing, i think that could be cool when he looks to the windown, could have a dog there, will be fun.
But anyways very good job guys.Congrats