Mech Model, Jeremy Strong (3D)


Title: Mech Model
Name: Jeremy Strong
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max

Just something I made to practice my modeling, Alot of help from friends to help get the shape down. Worked on it for months off and on, I think it’s about 20-40 hours total.

Concept, Lighting, Modeling, Texturing, all myself, Although the texture is from that car paint tutorial, Red seemed to suit it the best.

basic clay render.

WIP thread here.

Thanks everyone!


Congratulation the design is awesome:)


Awsome model! Really like the design, colours, everything. Really powerful mech.

Only one crit though - on the left hand there seems to be a problem with one face or something. It just doesn’t seem right. But that may be intentional, i don’t know. But otherwise really nice.


nice model, i like the style !!very different about an gundam or other japaness design
good render , have u an animation of it


Nice Surfaces!:drool:


WoW! So great, I like design very much, render and used colors are great too. :thumbsup:


Great artwork! Its nice to see a mech done a bit differently. It could benefit from more poly divisions in places though, and a higher number of samples for the advanced lighting.


Stunning! I love the shouler region, it looks like it would actually work. :thumbsup:


UUh! :smiley:

If I would be a robot, I would be him!!

I really like everything in this. Concept, modelling, rendering, Shaders…

Congrats! This makes my mech I´m working on look poor :smiley:

Keep up!


so cool, I like this work


amazing model and render


awesome, nice concept, great rendering, looks very good


The color is fantastic. Great mech, great job overall.


Very interesting design, great rendering!

Would be good to see it in motion…


looks really neat
I was wondering if you could render me one for my desktop? 1280-1024 resolution…possible other pose and some postpro in photoshop?


Ahmed- Thanks!

Sajets- Thanks, It should be fixed.

M@lonet- Sadly, I do not animate, thanks though.

Rawwad- =) thanks

Joebananas- I might rerender in a bit, and fix some smoothing groups, This is going to be a low rez game model once I get the displacement maps… Hopefully soon.

Mecha- It took quite a bit of planning out and cuts so the mesh wouldn’t clip for full movement.

Dreamer- Thanks

Cermit- Heh, again thanks.

Blz- A word other than thanks? mabye? uh “ty”…

TCP- Thank you

Xioncajou- I only wish I could animate =(

Mrwarrdog- Hmm I’ll see what i can do.


wow the design and materials are awesome


wow. really cool. I love the design and details. The paint texture is lush, looks like he just got waxed.

One thing that sticks out to me is that the paint appears to be reflecting a white backdrop or studio environment, but you’ve got him in a grey environment, so he looks like he was cut out of his original environment. It obviously hasn’t bothered anyone else, but it stuck out to me. Maybe you were using the grey bkgd to emphasize the model, in which case, ignore me. :slight_smile:



I love it, I think the modelling is top stuff. And the render is supurb! Plus I think your Aviator is great.


Hi , this work is fantastic , great model and great surfaces .