Mech: assault


Hiya peoples :slight_smile: i just got here a friend of mine told me about theese forums and i just had to come here and watch all this amazing skill at work… im sorry to say im not even on the same planet as some of you guys… but im here to learn and get better (i hope)

anyways… this is a mech model i did a while back… i thought i would get some good crits here…

i hang out at numerous forums but non of thoose have the capacity to give good constructive critisism on 3d work… thats why im hoping to get me a good bashing :wink:

i would really like to know: what did i do wrong?.. what can i do better? ill take anything you say and use it to grow stronger! so please be as harch and mean as you wish… i dont mind… really =D

anyways… here`s the nonamed mech i did…


It is probably a little late in the modelling process for this, but one very important technique in modelling is to bevel all major edges. The amount of bevel should depend on the scale you want to achieve (in your case you probably want very very small bevels). Go back through and bevel some edges, especially on the feet and on the pods on the mech’s back, and you will see what I mean.

You could also improve the rocket pods. Right now the heads of the rockets are just stuck on the pods. Just remember that the rocket is sitting in a hole in the rocket pod. I would make the hole the same diameter of the rocket’s nosecone and then move the nosecone back into the hole so the hole is visible. The bevel everything.

One more little nitpick: the noses of the rockets should be rounded. The long and pointy look of your rockets reminds me of ballistic missiles that travel many times the speed of sound. A medium-range, close-combat missile that I would expect your mech to carry would have a rounded, aerodynamic nosecone.
Otherwise, it looks pretty good. What program did you use? You should definitely make a walk cycle or something with this mech.



thnx for the comment! =D model is created with 3dsmax5, the textures with photoshop7…

you are probably right concerning the missiles… i actually didnt think about how they looked when i started working on it… but now that you mention it you are so right… ill see what i can do about that…

im very new at modeling so im not that familiar with stuff like bevel :slight_smile: i just barely managed to slap on the texture with uvm map (or whats it called)…

i actually planned to make a walk cycle… i read a bunch of tutorials but i never figured out how to create a uhmm whats it called… bone structure… ill settle with that… i hope you get what i mean… and when i tried making a walk cycle without one it all just messed up when i started moving parts individually… i gave up after a while and focused on making something that looked like its agile and agressive… in stills :slight_smile:


Thats awesome dude, a mech was the second thing I ever modeled. It was a catapult from mech warrior series and I did in Ray Dream Studio 5… that was… OMG 7 years ago.

You certainly did a much better job with the texture than I did when I built my mech. You got some rivets and screws in there. I like the detail. As for animating and putting in a walk cycle, fear not. Its actually easier than you think. You don’t actually need to rig this model or skin it because I assume you built the model in parts rather than one big solid mesh.

Check out this thread, a guy had the same question as you.


thnx man! :slight_smile: that helped alot!.. i got to try that ones this new workstation is set up…

man now you got me all exited =D

i would really like to see your first mech… then i could show you my very frist attempt at a mech… i have it saved… noone has ever seen it :wink:


Awesome job, Antigen. I’m even below you in modeling, so I look at 90% of the people on these boards as gods. I do plan on attending The Art Institute of Vancouver next year and learn some basic modeling. As for the model, I would defiently suggest smoothing it a bit. Maybe putting a bit more detail into the missles. I would love to see it with some sort of background or action sense. Anyways, keep up the awesome work =)


Antitrust and Antigen: You guys diffinitely have passion for CG and I think its great that you guys pursue it. Anyways, after reading your posts, I went around looking for that mech and took a trip down memory lane. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I didn’t find it. I think its burried on a CD somewhere at school (I’m at home right now).

In any case, I did find this relic. It was my first attempt to model something photorealistic in 3d studio max. This was done in 3d Studio 4 in about 6 hours while I was learning max because there was a 3d modeling “try-out” at the 6th hour. :arteest: I think I did this 2002.

BTW I think you guys should look at my WIP and give me some critiques. Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:


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