Meat House


Fresh meat is here! C’mon in and take a look! C&C very much appreciated!


Animal anatomy studies. These are copied, more or less, from a how to draw animal book. I wanted to copy the drawings in that book to try and acquire the energy, the gestural quality, the drama, and just the life in those drawings. That is my goal right now with these studies form this book.

And then trying to put those anatomy studies to application, and failing rather lots even with someone helping me. Trying to pretend I’m a creature concept designer:





Just some more anatomy studies from Hultgren’s book. I’m not finishing that book as fast as I thought I would.


Further development of one of the color thumb nails from above. This is the Crimson Revolver challenge Racnor creature round, run by pnate over at Crimson Daggers forum. The main concept painting is finished. I still want to do a few line drawings of hatch-ling, and an idea of habitat or behaviors. I also want to stick this into 3ds and dust off my limited modelling and texture painting skills from last year, but time may not be right right now.

The crystals kicked my arse. The scales kicked my arse. The lighting in photoshop kicked my arse - especially when I keep thinking how I’d just do it on paper. The thumb-nail producing process kicked my arse. In fact the only thing that didn’t kick my arse are the 2 eggs.


Not too much anatomy studies recently, there are some representative pages of what I did - a couple more pages from the Hultgren book, and pose studies from a video (paused while drawing of course). Lastly is the main project in recent days. Do all these horse anatomy studies contribute to these creature designs? Yes, a bit. I appropriated some bones from memories, and then of course without previous anatomy studies I would never bothered to look up skeleton structures or muscles.



More anatomy studies from the same book. They’re done faster with brush pen, and I save the PITT pen nib for longer use. Also trying to sketch in local zoos some real life animals from observation.

Recently I’m starting to sketch color studies more earnestly in Photoshop to practice painting digitally in preparation of the upcoming Robot Pencil Mentorship in creatures. I’m sketching from life as much as possible, so all these studies are from observation except that grey shrimp.

Other than continuing to get better understanding of the digital painting process for the next several years, next step is to paint a full background as well.


These animals studies are good, they do appear “appealing” and accurate. Crimson Revolver looks good too.


Hey Jake, thank you! Yeah sometimes I need to remind myself studies are for learning and stop thinking about how appealing they look. It’s a mental trap I fall into sometimes.


Great study.
Your digital creatures are pretty awesome.