Maya why it needs a new node graph that isnt bifrost


maya why it needs a new node graph that isnt bifrost.

artist usability,

i really think autodesk needs to sit down with people that are not programmers
and come up with a more nuke like solution ,
not the node graphs of various sorts that they are creating,

so far node editor with no hierachies, constraints, you name it its not in there connected.
( note oh and constraints have no history, and cannot switch off)

bifrost unconventional maths nodes, barely any maya features
if its the future of maya god help us all, looks closely related
to cinema 4ds motion graph nodes another mess.

to be honest houdini is starting to look simple compared with mayas node mess
admittedtly if you dont know the maths function to stick in
the houdini node box you are fucked but overall their system is cleaner than mayas.

get it together autodesk. ARTISTIC USABILITY.
at present its a no history stack , with built in end of program use
its like you have bloody good devs but no overall vision.


Just use Houdini.
Maya never will be Houdini and should not be like it.

And Bifrost is exactly what you are asking for.
Just wait some years. Houdini took 20 years to grow.


how old are you? you sound like a kid throwing some random words.
“constraints cannot switch off” learn the f* tool (whatever it is) rather than posting nonsense endless crap like almost all of your posts.

Also it’s not an autodesk forum you know


at least 3 random*dog years, though not out of the kernel yet.

woof “why cant a constraint switch off” i am leaning the "f"tool

“Constraints let you constrain the position, orientation, or scale of an object to other objects. Further, with constraints you can impose specific limits on objects and automate animation processes. … Maya includes the following constraints for character setup and animation: Point constraints.”

if you set up a constraint it appears in the ctrl a attribute tab…

but you cannot block it there …if you want to…seems disabled

i had a circumstance where i wanted to block it.

with bifrost i am currently confronted by a lot of maths nodes and no graphic how to or in use symbols.
its a bit like xgen maths nodes again they need a graphic symbol as well. so i can change scatter patterns
or do whatever

tested their single cloud vdb sample in arnold physical sun sky light
got a dark grey cloud with really bad angular plane shadows,… out of the box default
there is no note with the sample as to what render settings give the same look as their sample.

arnold cpu versus gpu, why is aa3 cpu equal to aa16gpu for equivalent quality,
thus render times and load times for same quality not that different

why does the move tool always fail in maya, you either end up mmb or restarting,
a reset for move tool in node editor

center pivot, freeze transforms where is the node in node editor

and yes all these features should be in a single node editor

graphic woof autolink graphic sub woof = first prize at dog show


Im out i will just ignore you.


cunnax… I really do sincerely apologize in advance for being rude but i had to ask,. Do you have at least something in your head to make a proper post with a sentence that actually make sense and that maybe someone will bother to read?

You have been posting for a while now and always the same thing, same format, same complaints, etc. I start to read your post and after the first few lines i just give up.

You are complaining about it all here as if few guys here at forum are developing Maya and as if it is somehow our fault for anything you don’t really understand. Go to Autodesk forum, join beta forum, whatever, stop spamming here already.


well klaudio, i use the forum to think out aloud about my maya issues.

maya2020 to me is center pivot, freeze tansforms before attempting anything creative,
do not expect to use curves, do not use grouped instances, do not use the history stack,
expect flipped twisted motion paths
these to me are basic must have a b c,s… of 3d.

the "o"boys love poly pushing on a per model basis , but do they really in reality.

all my stuff is aimed at autodesk development,
i respect oglu and onouris, they have given me great insight,
but seem to take my criticisms of mayas workflow personally.
well they should not they arent guiding mayas development.
some of what i say will filter thru to autodesk,
if only on the outer edges, a few more people say it.
they might listen.

to be honest if i was trying to improve maya at a ground level ,the issues people are having
with maya, look no further than cgsociety and polycount.
fix those issues as asked by users and you have one hell of a program.

klaudio, your maya issue is that it cannot do proper nurbs modelling with history,
and you are forced to use moi. its a bit like sculpting in maya or texture painting
if theres no zbrush,mudbox or mari in the studio

i like moi as well, but in a vfx company if i asked you to model your same guns in maya only
in a similar time frame where would you be, probably in deep shit
and thats precisely my point.
( moi,sketchup,fusion360 are masters at booleans,filleting,lofts,use of curves and increasingly
parametric history…though admittedly not aimed at lower res quad modelling with
4 sided nurbs it is quite possible)

you would be in the position i have been before. say having to speed model parametric buildings
(back to lack of grouped instances)
maya is not keeping up to date in the areas i require
to do my job.

not that i am near a good as modeller as you.


for a good idea of mayas bifrost and node editor state

it shows the history stack problem,
a…he uses a bifrost graph,
does not get a result
b…opens node editor drags in bifrost result
c…uses another object shape node to get his mesh
d…cannot change bifrost resolution and get mesh to update
e…has to do all work in node editor remesh and retopo not linked at all

whatever maya users think this is not a reuseable history stack
for automatic repeat operations.

anyway, though they are fixing a blender mesh, but blender is making progress as well

blender marches on in 3d modelling
nice history stack.

try in maya good joke.
maya is a “serious” program no joke.
but not serious enough for a proper history stack.
dont compare maya to any program to improve it
heard that one before.

to me a stack is inputs, for faces verts edges or boolean intersection,
a node that is not fixed on the initial inputs, but inputs that can be altered at anytime later,
you should be able to copy and paste any parts of that stack to a new object
as instance or not instance,
and input new inputs as desired.
all without center pivot and freeze transforms these destroy any hope of history
unless its a node you add everytime as is the maya way.

blender stack examples:


already told you stop your crap, you clearly don’t understand what you are talking about.
Maya is not for you, bifrost is not for you and probably 3D in general is not for you.

Blender is free, just use it and stop your madness simple as that.


@cunnax, there are quite a few ways to properly do everything you ranted about. You can disable and blend constraints. You have ways to set the pivot with nodes in the node graphs. Maya NURBS it’s not great indeed, but not terrible either - also NURBS aren’t used anymore, sadly.
As other people mentioned: learn to use it. Sure, it has some constraints, yet nothing you mentioned is a valid point.


He may be hard to understand - but he could not be more right ; Maya is a complete piece of shit. Ridiculously bad gui, absolute crap stability, more infested with decades-old bugs than a Wuhan market ( most of which are cross-platform, Mac/PC/Linux), memory leaks, and stupidly slow at everything that it finally manages to do. I’ve been using it since 2007 and didn’t realize what garbage it was until I used Houdini. That made me start comparing it to other aps like Nuke, and it just looked worse and worse. Every year they get better, while Maya is the same old shit, that you don’t even want to update except every 3rd year. It’s like a Frankenstein app that was made from 80’s software, and never updated, just patched ( and always in a half-assed way )… because that’s exactly what it is.

Autodesk is just about as motivated to make Maya into a decent application, as McDonald’s is to start selling healthy food or NY steaks. They don’t give a shit about anything but their bottom line, which is doing just fine with armies of students and lifers who never learned on good software and will never know the difference.