Maya white highlight in channel box and animation issues


Hello everyone !

I have a bit of an annimation issue in maya which is very annoying, and although I have some clues where it might come from, I have never found any way to fix this easily (my current method being, I restart Maya, but as I work remotely with the virus stuff, it takes muuuuuuuch more time than before)

Sometimes when I set keys on one or several objects, the keys do not seem to be taken into account, and my object keeps the last pose I gave it although I keyed it and changed its position several time.

An example :
I key a cube that has a 0, 0, 0 rotation at frame 0, then I go up to frame 10 and set a key again to get 10, 10, 10 rotation. It seems to be allright so far, but when I go back to frame 0, the cube has kept 10, 10, 10, instead of variating. Furthermore, the rotation channels in Channel Box are highlighted white on frame 0.
But if I open the GraphEditor, the curves seem to match what I wanted : 0, 0, 0 on frame 0, and 10, 10, 10 on frame 10.

As I said, usually I save my work, quit, and restart Maya. But I cannot do it easily now, so I need a solution. I now, that it generally happens after I have deleted keys before. In my previous cube example, the things I described would have happened just after I deleted keys on frame 10, or 0. It is very instable, sometimes, I work a few minutes before realizing that this happens. Also, and since I don’t know how to handle it, I might lose my work, because suddenly, May would wake up again, and flat all curves to the “last position” I gave the object.

Here’s a capture of a similar situation. Notice the curves, that vary, but the ChannelBox is highlighted white, and does not seem to update, and stays on 0 :

I hope I am clear enough, do not hesitate is you need more details, I’m afraid to lose myself into details, but… The more you have, the clearest it “should” be ! :smile:

Thank you in advance :wink:


Hi! I was having a similar problem. I had put a key and the effect of the key was delayed, where my new key was situated I was getting the same white color in the channel box.
In my situation I was working with a scene that another person worked before. This person was using the tool SCENE TIME WRAP. This tool it allows to make slow motion and change the overall time of the scene putting keys.

So what I did is to select the keys done with this tool and delete them. To do that I went to key > scene time wrap > select time wrap and delete. After to deactivate the option you have to go: (in the animation menu) key > scene time wrap > enable scene time wrap (uncheck the box)

I hope this is useful. Have fun! :slight_smile: