Maya Viewport 2.0 problem with color per vertex and Arnold shader assigned


I have a mesh with colors assigned per vertex.
If I use a shader like Lambert then I can see the colors perfectly in Maya using Viewport 2.0.
However, when I use an Arnold shader like aiAmbientOcclusion, the colors are not shown in Viewport 2.0 anymore.
If I switch to legacy default viewport or legacy high quality viewport then I can see the colors.
As a side note, I’ll say that in order to see the colors correctly in Arnold, one needs to go through the hassle of creating a aiUserDataColor node. But this is unrelated to my probelm.

I simply want to see the colors in Viewport 2.0 when an Arnold shader is assigned.


Accidentally came by, but maybe got a solution which at least worked for having same issue using redshift.

Hit the isolate button on any noise, ramp, remap or texture.

Let me know if that worked for you too.



Can you clarify what you mean by “isolate button”?
Also, I don’t any of the nodes you mentioned (noise, ramp, etc.).
Do I need to create and connect them?
Sorry if these are trivial questions. I’m a researcher and a programmer rather than a typical Maya user.


try this


So simple. Thank you so much.

If anyone is interested in a MEL command that would do this automatically it would be:

setAttr -type “string” ($meshName + “.displayColorChannel”) “None”;

where $meshName is a string holding the name of your mesh.