Maya USD Workflow


Hey Everyone

I’m trying to adopt USD for my workflow using the native USD Plugin and I am coming across several bumps along the way that are not explained in the documentation and not covered in any of the presentations of Autodesk. Perhaps someone can shed some light and help me out here!

1- Subdivisions. So I’m exporting a USD file that include a smooth mesh preview, and when exporting I am choosing Catmall-Clark Subdivision method. When I bring the USD back through “Stage from file” the object is not subdivided and looks crude and renders crude as well. On the mesh property I can see the SubD schema is set to CatmullClark but it doesn’t seem it has any affect on the geometry.

Now I’ve looked at several presentations from Autodesk, some of them go into depth of how the workflow happens. In one of the presentations the presenter modifies a teapot neck which is SubD and export the model, when importing the changes to the teapot neck are not present, and the teapot is low-res and the presenter didn’t even bother explaining why, just said “see perfect replica”!!! And this is the recommended way of exporting to USD!

I was lucky to find one guy doing a video on YouTube where he’s assembling a scene using USD, but he was having issues with the material exports (more on that) so he advised to use “Arnold USD” export, which is confusing. But I tried that and low and behold it does export the SubD … somewhat! There are no controls to SubD when exporting, but when I import the USD the low-poly is now high-poly, which is the SubD version upon exporting. And the SubD schema is now set to none, but when I do set it to CatmullClark it kind of multiplies?!

As a last test, I’ve tried setting the Smooth Mesh exporting and importing into Omniverse, the USD deffinetly doesn’t have SubD enabled. So please any help would be appreciated.

2- Materials. Can I apply materials as an override when importing a USD file? or that needs to happen before?

Thank you