Maya Tutorials


Look at this :


now that i’m already riding the wave - here’s another one i just revisited

5 page tutorial - Wing cycle and Wing fan of a dinosaur-bird, archaeopteryx, using set driven key on 28 joints, sculpt, wire and lattice deformers.

3 page tutorial - single node utility employing expressions to create camera shake and other interesting effects. Utility and mel script available for download

Animating a yoyo on string from a cg hand - an ingenious use of constraints clusters and wires within traditional human movement (by Chas Jarret)

Don’t forget that my galleries contains lots of technical information and productions insights/ how to’s etc…

and last but not least…



MEL How-To - a great place to learn more about MEL - and anwsers a lot of FAQs -


Unit Conversions In Maya


highend3d Living Maya FAQ -


Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about a new thread building up on the Art Gallery Board. Check the PIXAR EYES thread for some valuable information on creating realistic eyes.

Heres some of those EYE tutorials posted;



is it possible? - have we missed the gnomononline tutorials? - the free ones

Image Plane setup for Modeling a Head

Water Flow using Paramaterization

Spotlight Color

Glow Threshold

Motion Path Normal

Sword/Scabbard Constraint Anim

Collision Emission


If your looking for beginner stuff then i would recommend getting the free cd of maya traing videos:


Yeah, the cds from or awesome if you have never used Maya before. Very detailed and Buzz is good at explaining things and never rushing you.

And also, they are 100% FREE.No gimics. Type in your address and in a week or so you’ll have a cd.That simple.They only ask to join the forums.


tutorials in german - the (included) scene from “maya anim-workflow” is very cute - even for the non german speaking audience

(in case the ip address changes over time here’s the top level link -


thanks for the maya tutorials, now i can test more than just a book :wink:


Ok guys i went through most of these links, and all im looking for is a tutorial running through the different sub d operations. I am a max user, and know it inside and out, and use meshtools and cspolytools. Where are these tools for Maya and how do i use them! I would hate to think that to extrude a surface i have to enter a numerical number in a window and hope it comes out right. Thanks guys. :buttrock:

edit:nevermind i figured out maya haaahhaaha


AroundTheFur: If you have MAYA, just hit F1 and then look for SUB DIVISION SURFACES. It will tell you everything you need to know about how to work with SUB-Ds. If you’re used to working with POLYs but still want that SUB-D smoothness, look for POLYGON PROXY MODE. It gives you a polygon mesh while viewing a smoothed SUB-D surface.



Yea I figured it all out, thanks tho. :buttrock:


A great tutorials to modeling a human body :

Another one to modeling a head using CPS :


I wrote a tutorial on modeling a NURBS eyeball and how to procedural texture it.
If interested go to my website:





Here is a very cool video tutorial on unwrapping & using the texture editor…it’s 35 min long…hope you like it, it’s from the book Maya 4 Fundamental


on, where EXACTLY do I apply for the free training videos?.


I applied for those about a month ago. Still waiting for them to show up. :thumbsdow