Maya to Zbrush Export problem


Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum… Please help me out.

I’m trying to export my models to Zbursh but I either get an error( // Error: file: C:/Users/Public/Pixologic/GoZApps/Maya/GoZBrushFromMaya.mel line 491: Could not save file “C:/Users/Public/Pixologic/GoZProjects/Default/|”.)


When I export a model, a wierd cube appears below it.

Thanks for viewing this thread.


i have the same problem
Maya outliner is full of none recognize object for me
when i deleted everything unnecessary for me and Renamed everything
i lost the Goz option with same error
neither usuing create or rename in notice window error was same
1- i export my mesh to OBJ
2- then delete it
3- and Import that OBJ again
then i could Switch it with Goz
base thing is name
my mesh name was duplicate
for example mesh body turnd to body:body
and when i fixed it error happend
so i let it be
yet i need someone to tell me why that error even happened?


I found out the solution to this.

lets say I have an object named “Shirt” in maya and cant export it using GoZ. I rename the object to something else. so, I rename “shirt” to “shirt_01”. then when you hit GoZ, everything should export fine.

give it a try and then let me know the results.


This worked, for me at least. I know it’s a few years too late, but i figured it was a good idea to let peo0le know this works.