MAYA to MAX, Hold and Release Shortcut style?


coming from MAYA, we have a keyboard shortcut where you Hold a key to activate a Snap and once you release the keyboard key then the snap deactivates

is that something doable to set in MAX?



Not without scripting AFAIK, and I’m not sure maxscripts can do it without dotnet or Python stuff. You should be able to do it easily with Autoit/Autohotkey however.


Not sure, but you are aware of right-clicking the snap-icon for a plethora of snap-options in Max?

You are aware that ‘s’ enables and disables snaps? It is a toggle switch though.


yes i know that and has been using it as well.

it is just when some situation, Maya requires less clicks that max, for instance:

say I want to snap a vertex using snap with axis constrains.

  1. Select the vertex
  2. Activate snap (Press S)
  3. (Press space bar) to lock the object (so that u dont need to zoom in and dive into the vertex) if I dont use space bar, trying to click a vertex with snaps often misses the vertex and accidentally click other things.
  4. click the area u want to snap to (left click)
  5. Unlock selection (Press spacebar)
  6. Deactivate snap (Press S Again)

see total 5 Clicks,

compare to Maya:

  1. select the vertex
  2. middle click to the area u want to snap to while holding “V”
  3. Release the “V” and done.

basically 1 click. (hold and release shortcut doesnt requires u to click 2 times like toggle. instead when u release the key, it toggles the command automatically)

Thank you