Maya: Shader Networks



I would like to connect a rimlight shader into a fur baldness map, so the there is fur only on faces facing away from the camera - on the edges of the mesh.

Is there a way to do this?


Seeing that this is a thread about shading networks, I thought I’d share my blog post about creating a custom depth pass using some Hypershade nodes. I explain what’s going on at each step in the relatively simple network, so there’s a lot to read and it could be useful for those of you who are not too comfortable with Hypershade.


I can’t view these :sad: I am given a message saying I don’t have permissions or something along those lines. Any ideas? I want to learn!

EDIT: Here’s the message I get:
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i have a simple question that i suspect has a complex answer.
i made a trash bin model it’s a cylinder and all the detail is made in the shader.
i made a X pattern with a repeat uv to make the grid lines
and i also made a diffuse map that has a transparency for the parts of the trash bin that is without grid lines the top edge and bottom edge .
is there a way to combine these transparency’s
or map them togather in some way in shader network ?

thank you


Hi lurotem,

If your question made sense I’d be able to answer it.
However, since it doesn’t, my best guess is that plugging one into the Colour Gain (or Alpha Gain if using that), may be what you’re looking for. This means the resulting map is an intersection of both - doesn’t matter which way around they are.
If you want to ADD them together, rather than get an intersection, use the Colour or Alpha Offset on any texture node, to Add one to another.
Also just use a set range to get an inverse of the the one you’re adding, to put it on colour gain and first remove the areas where you’re going to add it, to avoid double values.


Hello Guys ,
Please apologies for my bad english
I am working for a male bust and planned to render in arnold .I have done all the shading network and i arranged the shading network according to me but now i lost the network and if i select the shader and right click and goes to graph network ,it arrange automatically .
Now I have to find all the nodes .
Is there any solution so that i can get my old arrangement what i did .
I hope you got the point what I am asking .


I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me out with a tutorial for hologram shader Vray or Arnold? or if there is a download link?