Maya: Shader Networks



If anyone is keen on a library of MR for Maya materials please see this thread over here:


wa nice very nice


very good
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Some great Shader work there guys! Thanks for sharing!


Any idea how to link the maya layered shader with mia_material?

I middle click my mia_material and drag it to Layered shader but nothing happen…


If you are using the mia x material you have to connect the result to the color channel of the layered shader.


What is a good way to create a frosted glass shader within Mental Ray This is what i have I am using the mia_x_shader


create an empty shader (just by clicking on the layer, it creates a default green semitransparent color), select the mia Material and drag it into the COLOR input. should work just fine


what are good settings to get a good reptile/dinosaur shader?
or does vray power shader have a good one for that kind of skin?


has anyone tried to export a pass from maya
so u can grade shadows
from dark to midtones to lightones
sort of rgb for a shadow pass?


This is really helpful for the project I am working on. Thank you.


hi, i`m trying to create short fur on deer.
i would like to fake it with shader instead of using maya fur.
please help.


i cannot see shader networks !!!


What is a good way to create a frosted glass shader within Mental Ray This is what i have I am using the mia_x_shader

@prismacolor: Use the Frosted Glass preset for the mia_mat_x. It’s pretty good-looking really, but you can of course tweak it as desired or add a bit of blue to make it look cool.



thankx for the links.
but this one doesn’t work for me, I downloaded maya 4.5 scene file but It doesn’t work as well,
there is no volumetric caustic just a white room,you know why??


Hi need to know how can we make snow and ice shader in that i can use it in my showreel… it must have real snow/ice look in it…any diagrams will be helpful to understand to make that shaders…




The whole point of a show reel is to show stuff that you know how to do…

edit: hm… all right. I guess you have to do it yourself, but basically set up a nice looking shader with noisy bump map and some ambient color. Or render with a lot of GI for the snow pass.
In another render layer, set up a shader for the snow using mi_bump_flakes and tweak the scale so you get small glints.
Increase the eccentricity so they catch and drop highlights as the camera moves around.
Render out an animated noise texture pass (or even better, a uv pass for texturing in comp) so you can mult the glints with this texture (in case they’re still too static).
Render out the different buffers so that the snow look can be further tweaked in comp.


Hey thankx will try it out… as you wrote it!!!..


That’s just ONE way of doing it.
There are a lot of other ways as well…
And you can also probably find some preset snow shaders over at


Maya 2009

So I have kinda an issue here with baking, I get my scene to bake the first time around, but than when I went in to rebake it, all I got was this message,

“convertLightmapSetup -camera persp -sh -bakeSetOverride tmpTextureBakeSet -keepOrgSG -showcpv;”

And nothing baked. So I went in and deleted the textureBakeSet, created a new one and hit bake again and these things show up in my outliner,


I want to rebake my image at a much larger scale, and maya won’t let me re-render the bake.

And that’s it, the scene won’t render. So my guess is, maya is trying to reuse an old bake set, but if that was true than it should be rendering, anyone have any thoughts?