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ambassador, i can’t use your shader, where shall I connect may color textures? why it has so strange color?


When texturing ramp attributes you must texture the individual indices. This is powerful, as one can use different textures for different indices or even texture the indice left to right position. Select the indice and then right mouse on the selected value label. You can then choose to create a texture off the popup.



Duncac - of course I know I can use texture to each one color of the ramp shader, but thats mean that Imust use several textures or remap one with three different utillities. Is this how ambassador achieve this beautiful effect?


Often times you only need to map one indice… especially if the other indice is black… but I understand your problem.

Perhaps a useful addition to the ramp shader would be gain(scale) and possibly offset attributes for each of the ramps. This would allow you to texture a single attribute and yet still edit the ramp colors.



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Duncac - of course I know I can use texture to each one color of the ramp shader, but thats mean that Imust use several textures or remap one with three different utillities. Is this how ambassador achieve this beautiful effect?

For the hulk skin I used 1 color map in the ramp and an almost black color on the side. Using multiple maps would give you greater detail and control. Anyone have renders using the shader? I would be interested in seeing it if you do.:thumbsup:


Ambassador , can you post description for your particle shader ?


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what the **** its goin on ambassador your shader doesnt work are you playiing with me?


sybille, haha, can you be a little more descriptive? I cant help you if you dont say which part your having problems with:wip:

marcinm, my workstations being fixed right now, and the files on there, when its fixed I will post a description.


Hi people, great forum!

Sorry about this question but im new to MR, how can i connect a shader… for example: how can i connect gg_ambientocclusion to an object… or what node connections i need to make?



OKNo need help anymore, just some line was missing in may.rayrc. tks anyway


hi my name is siamak
iwant to know how can i creat a realistic shader for a character
please help me and show me the network shader connection of a realistic
shader for a character skin tanks .


it’s not shader network, but more like lighting setup and using L-Glass shader, saw this setup from a photography book and tried to replicate it:


From hypershade go down to the shader tab and find the textures you want or might use.
Then right-click and select import.
Once youv’e done this on a few, minimize Hypershade.

Find the modeling object and right-click and hold down dragging down.
Then select assign existing texture, where you should see the textures you imported.
I don’t know if this helps but since I learned this it’s been amazing.

Also a question, has anyone using Maya had the experience where it seems like it has opened a part of your mind?


I am working on a shader in which all shader attributes are set in relationship with each other. I am doing that because I want to create realistic shaders that don’t use more than 100% of the light. That means color, diffusion, specularity, transparency etc. have to add up to 1.

I chose the Phong Shader for my “Metashader”. It is driven by four colour ramps controlling the colour, specularity, roughness and transparency. The rest is derived from those ramps. Unfourtunaltely, I have trouble embedding the ambient attribute into my network, so I would be glad for any help. (In what situations do you use ambient anyway?)

Since I am not allowed to post attachements (yet), I give you the link where you can download my shader: (Rendering Example)

The relationships between the attributes are as follows:

COLOR (Driver): Color is for the color … but the diffuse value is added to the V-Value of the HSV-color-value (I make the color for the amount lighter which the diffuse value makes the color appear darker)

TRANSPARENCY (Driver): Well, it’s for the transparency. Since the amount of light that passes through cannot be reflected, transparency influences the diffuse attribute and the specular color attribute.

DIFFUSE: Diffuse is the reverse of specular color. With transparency, it is the leftover that is distributed between diffuse and specular color.

COSINE POWER: Is driven by the roughness ramp (roughness * 100 = cosine power)

SPECULAR COLOR (Driver): I’m wondering why specularity is split in two attributes: specular color and reflectivity. Playing around, I found out that reflectivity is mulitplied with specular color. But what sense does that make? If you set reflectivity to 1, you can set the amount of reflectivity with the V-Value of the HSV-specular-color.

REFLECTED COLOR: It’s just an image for the preview in the Hypershade. The raytracer ignores it anyway (except when there is no object to be reflected). Since I mostly use FG with a HDRI there cannot be nothing to be reflected.

MENTAL RAY - REFLECTION BLUR: It’s is directly driven by the Roughness Ramp.

So please tell me, if the relationships between the attributes are right. Or if there are any other relationships (ambient color? translucence?). I would be very happy for your replies because there is no one else at my school thinking about creating r e a l i s t i c shaders (it’s a small Industrial Design School) so I am pretty much on my own.

(By the way, I’ve tried the DGS material … but I haven’t found a way to put a bump map or a displacement map on it. And it takes aeons to get a rendered image.)


Can u give again the shader network to download…
somthing don’t work.



Looks very interesting,however the link to your shader does not work.


That’s funny … it really does not work, although it’s there. Now, I’ve put it in a zip-file and tested it - you can download it at:



Ambassador how do I instal your skin shader…Im guesing its a plugin…