Maya: Shader Networks


Excellent thread, the graphics are nice but wouldnt it be better to make an example of each shader then make it an attatchment or available for download somewhere.
Then supply a description of how it works and any peculiarities asociated with the shader.

Just a thought it would give the uninitiated a base to learn from.

Saying that I would like to see any examples people have of what they consider to be a good generic skin shader or techniques they use to achieve the “real skin look”.

I have never realy been to happy with my own attempts at this.


Mikkel Jans, could you post your shader in order to download it?, I´m trying to make it but got no results, when I try to get back HSV to RGB I got a normal ramp from black to white and don´t know why…

It would very kind of you if you could put it here, or in your site.

Thank´s in advance!



Never mind, I forgot to delete all the 2D Placement for the ramp nodes… ;D


I’ve been wondering… are there any special mental ray materials… i can remember there was a tutorial in which i made a special MR material. Does anyone of u have some ?



This is the worst time I’ve ever had with a shader: (118 Kb)

It was an attempt at making a good shader for terrains (that were based on height, slope, etc.). Unfortunately, it was a complete failure.


cool idea, I need to learn how to make shader Oo this theard helps thanks :applause

don’t know if somebody didn’t already post this but
this is a huge resourse of some of the best shaders and high res maps I’ve seen .:


Can anyone recommend or otherwise this book?



Maya 4 Textures and Shaders f/x and Design is designed for the intermediate to advanced Maya user. It will provide a strong grounding in texture and shader fundamentals. It will teach the reader how to combine texture elements, utility nodes, and MEL expressions, and allow the reader to create procedural texture effects, animated textures, and complex materials. Includes a CD-ROM filled with an interactive video presentation, complete with tutorials, texture and shader samples, and Web links.

Authors Darrell Spencer and Robert Rusick
ISBN: 1588801748
440 Pages
Coriolis Group

Although its not available on some of the book websites ive looked on, t’would be good to know if its any good, before i try n get hold of it.


Hell, i’m gonna buy it. Sounds like exactly what i was looking for.



On further investigation, this book was never released. Aparently the publishers pulled it before it was released, as theyd run out of money or something like that. :annoyed:


Well **** that idea then.



Can people please post there particle cloud shaders for fire and smoke type



some shader tests
done using 4 textures with camera projection and blending using ramp with Surface Luminance attached to V coord


some partical stuff

recent skin shading experimentation, creating a “base” skin shader, maya renderer, no MR, no maps on skin. I didnt plan to actually make an image of it, but after I did some test renders of the skin I added the bg and metal part in ps. :wip:


hmm this base ski shader eraly looks like SsS
i ask myself how u achieve this without mr ?!O_O
lookin very nice though :thumbsup:


Care to post the MR skin shader?..


whoops, double post


Originally posted by Jackdeth
Care to post the MR skin shader?..

here is the skin shader network/ or lack of, all the properties are placed within this ramp shader, no MR.:wip:


I never understood why people don’t use ramp shaders more often, you can get some nice effects with them out of one single node.



hmm embassador i see only a single shader node^^

could you post a graph view of it or better share the the mat!?:slight_smile:


There is no graph for that shader. Everything he did to it is all inside of the main ramp shader node. I’ve done some testing and it works great without anything else plugged into it.