Maya selection set querry issue


Hello everyone,

Im trying to understand something really basic with the selection sets.
Im trying to add items from a list in a selection set. So i can later on query them for my rig and use them for something else.

I did a very simple test, I made 3 nurbcurves.
First one is called ‘item’, second one is called ‘abc’, and third one is called ‘test’. In this exact order.

Then I made a list and added the objects in this order:

list = [‘test’, ‘abc’, ‘item’]
cmds.sets(list, n = ‘testSet’)

print cmds.sets(‘testSet’, q = True)

which gives as result [u’abc’, u’item’, u’test’]

Which is an entirely different order than the ordering in the list.
So i tried adding the items from the list into the set via a for loop. But that gives exactly the same result.
Anyone knows why this is and got an idea how to give the set the same order as the list?

Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: found a solution