Maya selecting everything bug


Hello this is my first post

In the video above I attempted to only select a simple polygon object and that object only in edge selection.

When I go to select that objects edges everything else gets selected also behind it in object mode.

This was never an issue for me before. Maya also when I open it now hangs at the output window. Now when I delete that window or exit it, Maya then starts up normally with another output window and everything.

But then the above issue occurs now every-time. I have zero clue what to even call this. Best I can think of is a selects everything bug but google gave me no help.

If anyone knows what if going on and how to fix it I would be very grateful and award you 1 million internet points.

Thanks you for your time and consideration in this matter


Hi did you get a solution to your problem i have the exact same problem now


so i just solved my problem by checking and unchecking the lock at the top right of the screen called disable undocking/docking