Maya reference animation issue


ive never had this issue with maya so really stuck. currently i am animating a scene that ive spent over 2 days on and my pc just crashes on me and shuts down. i opened up the scene again and find that the referenced Malcolm file is back to a tpose missing all the animation and a chair mesh in the scene is green and completely messed up. if anyone could save me form reanimating the whole scene would save my life.


Save often and save versions. Otherwise you’re at the mercy of the cg gods unfortunately. You can look for the crash recovery file. Info regarding that is below. But just know, the temp files created don’t necessarily mean the issues will be resolved in those.


unfortunately it wasn’t a Maya crash. my laptop decided to crash and shutdown because of something else. other than that in the past ive never had this issue and still dont understand why its happened now. i also did save a back up file but when i came to look for it i couldn’t find it so most likely didn’t save like i thought it did :confused:


heres a couple of screen grabs to see if they show any more information. its strange that the mesh has completely screwed up on the chair as there was no history or anything to cause it to do this that i can see. i dont understand the script editor but hope this helps.