Maya or Blender 2021


Hi guys. I was working in blender long time, but im understand, that i cant do all things in one program. So im trying to decide, where to start my animation way. Im focused on realistic characters and facial animations. Can someone give me advice, should i start learning maya for this stuff and why? Or blender 2021 is good to go with this tasks


That’s something only you can answer.

Trying another solution is always good. And the Blender bones system is still pretty limited for sure. It’s the only bones system that i know where you have to model the mesh to meet the the IK direction first so that you don’t run into IK trouble at a later point. Means you better don’t model a T-Pose, but more a crouching pose with all joints half bent. There also didn’t this much improvements happen in the past years. More several downgrades, like the now required workflow with 2.80 for switching bones in weight paint. In 2.79 it was enough to enter weight paint with the mesh …

But the question is, do you run into specific limits with the Blender bones system that you can’t bypass?