Maya mash scatter ncloth trees do not want instances (or paint vertex properties input attract map where is it?)


hi cgers

how would you take a ncloth tree like in this tutorial:

then use mash to scatter on a say an overhanging mushroom shaped surface,

combining the leaves and trunk in the tutorial seems to keep the ncloth working,

but the mash scatters instances of the ncloth, so all trees are the same,
gravity direction is ignored, and follows the gravity of the tree before the mash set up.

I am trying to get gravity fall on the leaves as it would vary depending on the position on the scatter object.

does mash always use instances?


need to be able to pin leaf geo centers to trunk with a " paint vertex properties input attract map
like default ncloth, is this possible in mash and on what mash node.

so far had to scatter trunks and leaves in seperate system, convert trunk to mesh and sat as “passive” collider
in mash.,
leaves then create mash dynamic, leaves seem unstable as to gravity direction,
video uses paint vertex properties input attract map to pin part leaves to trunk

an attempt to do the above in mash
cant seem to access ncloth input map properties before or after the fact in mash
please see below