Maya: Making body parts detach from the main root


OCTUBER HAS COME! And Im all aboard into the spooky train!
Im trying to rig a Skeleton Character in Maya where it parts detach and attach from eachother, like the head or the humerus detaching from the spine (Something like the picture I left for reference), I’ve been told that I should do a Modular Rig where I can attach parts to eachother but Im not really know how to do that
Im your normie rigger, I know all the basics stuff, making a jerarchy between joints, doing blendshapes, deformations, driven keys, etc. So I want to jump to the next step!
Also In my research I’ve seen that Snap FK/IK might be the answer im looking for, still if someone can throw me a bone in where direction to look I would REALLY apprecciate it!