[Maya] How to replicate this ramp detail modeling technique from 3ds Max (extrude in place + straighten side edges + weld vertices)


Can someone tell me the simplest and fastest way to replicate this ramp detail modeling technique used by Arimus 3d with 3ds max !

Ive tried with an extrude in place then r+lmb to set scale mode to Component, snap the pivot to a vertex by holding D on the top or bottom of the ramp, and scale in but the selection doesnt stay in place and I have to manual tweak it in place.

it shows in both concave and convex directions at 0:45 and 2:30 respectively

my result



Hold down D and select the edge.
Hold down V and D for vertex snap use the MMB to move the pivot to the vertex.

Or use D + ctrl for orient the pivot.
Or use D + shift for position the pivot.


managed to get it to work (by Aligning the pivot) then set the orientaion of the sacel tool to Component. However sometimes it doesnt work. Its so randomly. I have to cope with that I guess. Thanks all !