Maya for Mac and Icloud Drive


Hi, I’m a Maya for Mac absolute beginner and I was wondering if it’s possible to save/use files on Icloud Drive. I just can’t find the Icloud Drive directory anywhere.

In Autocad for Mac I succeded in working entirely on Icloud Drive, is that possible in Maya?

Thank you all (and sorry if it’s a dumb question)


Yes it’s possible to work in Maya from iCloud Drive. One simple method to always show iCloud Drive in Maya Open/Save dialog boxes is to turn on OS native file dialog, found under “Windows > Settings / Preferences > Preferences > Files / Projects”, scroll down to “File Dialog” and select “OS Native”. This basically uses the Finder window for all Open and Save dialog boxes where iCloud Drive is generally in the sidebar.

Just be mindful that as you begin to use Maya for more advanced projects, the file sizes of scenes, assets, renders, etc can become quite large.


Wow, thank you for your help. I’ll immediately try your advice…