Maya fluid losing emitted color (from file texture) only after collision


Hi there,

I’m working on an effect (a car drives through a man and he turns to smoke based on the color of his texture (this is all going to be comped over a cleanplate, with the man’s geo and texture based on a rotoscoped still of him at collision time).

everything looks ok (obv using dynamic grid and ‘emit color’ ON), until the car geo collides, at which the fluid goes from the color of his clothing/skin, to just a pale grey.

i’m only emitting for the first few frames then emission is off , so new fluid should not be getting created… in theory cant the particles inside the fluid solver just keep the color that they were birthed with, throughout the entire sim?



Hmm, we’d have to see the connections between your fluid and your particles and your geometry, perhaps? Can you show us a few screenshots of the Attribute Editor for the fluid? It’s hard to diagnose without more information.