Maya displacement map seams gaps


Hello guys, how are you doing?
So, I have this old problem that is driving me insane, where the model will exibit the gaps between some areas precisely over the seams when the model is rendered.
I’ve done literally a ton a things and listened to loads of tutorials, some of help, but the issue never went into an end.
I’ve followed this Flippednormals tutorial ( that perfectly describes the workflow about the softwares I’m using (ZBrush and V-Ray Maya) and the problem I’m having, but still having this problem. Throughout the years I’ve tried different approaches like smoothed the uv borders, smoothed everything but the bordes, blurred the texture pixels by the map borders, disabled ‘smooth uvs’ in the smooth mesh settings in Maya, activated ‘keep continuity’ in displacement map settings, etc, etc.
The texture map in question is 2k square in 6 UDIMs relative to a humanoid figure. I’ve used .png, .tif, .exr, .jpge image formats, normally .exr is better.
Could it be a problem with res? or with uv unwrapping? - I’ve tried with different models, in general, the groin, waist and armpit seams always have gaps, normally the legs and hands don’t.