Maya - can only drag select objects.


I just started having an annoying issue in Maya 2016 where I can’t click to select an object with the mouse, I can only drag to select objects. I’ve checked tweak mode is off, restarted, reset the tools. It’s driving me bananas. Any tips?

Thank you


check also your preferences here


Hope your maya preference is corrupt. Delete " C:\Users\XXX\Documents\maya\2016"> Pref. and restart maya.


'This could be because of preference gone corrupt. Delete "C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\maya\2016"> prefs and restart maya by creating new prefs.



I just started having this problem in Maya 2020. Previous scenes work fine (but it means loosing a chunk of work). Deleting pref folder doesn’t fix the problem and selection preferences seem fine. Any idea of what else could accidentally cause this !?


Hi I had the same problem.

In Preferences > Selection. I’ve changed the Priority preset from animation to custom and now works.
I don’t know why xD

Hope helps you :slight_smile: