Maya Bugs



so this is my first post here. Anyway since the past days I have some weir issues in maya and these issues make maya impossible to use.

First issue:
When I try to move objects in my viewport de viewport glitches (object just flickers like crazy)

Second issue:
When I try to select points/edges/polys maya automatically deselects the selected object.

Third issue:
When I try to orbit/navigate the scene my viewport goes crazy and after a few glitches completely pans/zooms out of frame.

Which solutions have I tried?
I tried Deleting prefrences
I tried Reinstalling maya 2019
I tried installing maya 2020 (same issue)
I tried updating videocard drivers (1080TI) (all videocard updates were installed with a clean install)
and finally I tried using older videocard drivers (studio drivers this time)

I hope someone knows the solution to this problem.