Maya bad crossections profile (uneven as per 3ds max houdini cinema4d can easily do but not maya) along a path extrude


hi cgers
been here before but hell its 2022 isnt it

maya extrude nurb circle along a poly edge converted to ep1 nurb curve crossection uneven fail with history
ok at start as 90 degree surface, but when you rotate that poly surface all the crosssections unifomity fails
every instance fails, means thousands of FAILED panels you have to manually fix C/O of mayas bad design
want a usable solution use 3dsmax, houdini, cinema 4d anything but maya.

will rebuilding the poly edge to curve help a little BUT not at the corners, still very bad crossections

please see


updated pic so can see issue clearly, about crossections having a bigger scale at corners, probably maya sticks 3cvs at an ep1 corner and in e=the extrude script mistakenly scaled the scale of the crossection to a hidden cv count…god knows…we dont know, cant believe alias cars wanted non uniform diameter pipes.

please see


thought we woulddlook at maya alernatives.

a)offset curve of original polyedge to curve, loft a poly surface and extrude faces…FAILED bad crosssections.

b) one shot poly only approach, bevel edges, loop select , convert to faces and extrude is the ONLY method
that gives an even crossections , but CANNOT do circular or switch profiles so USELESS for parametric approach.

c) circular face geo have fun snapping it at the right angle to your poly edge curve start (READ SLOW)
, then do face extrude along a curve and get to see tha absolute rubbish geo may gives out of the box…ie FAILED