Maya and the current state of parametric history COMPLETE CRAP


hi cgers hope autodesk 2022.who gives a toss
playthe video

How to stack modelling deformers in Autodesk Maya like in 3DS Max.

then asks yourself what autodesk’s plans is to FIX the CRAP.

unfortunately the history on the proxy is as bad as usual maya history one way CANNOT go back

problem with the video is you suddenly think oh maya could do it till you try to move pivots, they dont update,
you add mirrors after extrudes geo completely disappears i kid you not.

and we still have backward loops in the node editor SPAGHETTI NIGHTMARE.
special python loops nobody not even autodesk understand is it a houdini for each never ending loop
i dont understand how it can loop backwards. maybe it does to alias 1990

Oh then try same video method for array down a path, or untwisted flipping motion path or solidify with bevel profile,
instance, uninstance with history.
does it even exist

bifrost YUCK

DO we wish to use the current state of houdini requiring a maths expression for everything actually no we dont either.
blenders shit instances and groups,
3dsmax not existant node editor

awaiting maya 2040 dont worry we will all have left the maya platform by then.
yes o boys usual rant but why not, nothing is actually being done for years at the coalface.
each maya version i have to spend 3 years on the toilet, then go to cgsociety to unload
dali style brown trousers

i am taking up boxing, the punchbag has maya on it. i hit it so hard the weta building shook in an earthquake, and i am not in new zealand… but if weta tds are stopping maya development…so be it.


buddha says there is no crap…only good crap, otherwise i get crapped on in the next life
or this…so i say maya is a shining buddha…
but this buddha needs a more buddhist approach, otherwise i cant hit nirvana in 3d world,


When times were good we had Softimage, but then the AD virus came along…


Are you sure you can’t get your boss to switch to Houdini, lots of studios are seeing benefits in their USD implementation… vs. Autodesk’s half-assed “ok that’s good enough, stop improving things” business model