Maya 2019



it’s always the case with any soft when it got released.
also Houdini 17 when it came out we got some critical bugs (but the good point with Sidefx is that we got a fix few weeks later, with Autodesk you have to wait at least 3 months)


They got further than I did ! 2019 doesn’t even bring up polygon menu as it’s missing…

Maya’s always been a basket case first public release.

2018 for me still doesn’t display a grid at all (despite the settings), it always reverts to a particular workspace I don’t use and so many other issues like the manipulator will stop working in Maya after a while in a session (ie rotate, move and scale tool wont work in vp2)…

I actually use a third party program to backup Maya prefs by the hour in case of preference corruption which can be the root cause of a lot of issues. The only program I know of wher eyou have to blow away the prefs all the time


some Arnold GPU teasing.


A bit confused by the Arnold GPU demo. Is it just using Optix GPU denoising but not actually GPU raytracing or I miss something?
I recall there was another demo earlier where you actually switch CPU or GPU for raytracing in the middle of IPR.


just my interpretation of what I saw in the clip… it appears it’s just the denoiser, maybe along with lower sampling settings which would explain the speedup.

The video would be a little misleading then, but never actually incorrect about that fact that GPU rendering is not shown (even the “GPU rendering” switch that’s activated is in the “Optix denoiser” tab). Actual GPU rendering she mentions is coming “in the future”.


@oglu could you say something about the development of bifrost? or the fx part of maya?

a roadmap would be awesome…


cant talk about that sorry.


An other breadcrumb to see the big picture Autodesk is working on in the Background

If you take a look you see Autodesk did a lot of commits on Github like on materialX and shaderX Projects.