Maya 2019


Looks like its coming now.


And the impressive long bugfix list.


was just looking for that. Jesus, that, indeed, is one long list of fixed bugs.
At the same time it is a remarkably meager list of new features given the super late release, which has me worried.


So… the fix list also has all fixes were in PU, too.
What’s the fixes after PU5?


some API updates.


Yes but most of those fixes are backported to 2018.


A hell of a release :roll_eyes:


Animation caching is a huge new feature for animators,


Sigh… seems HTML tags no longer work here… oh well… just click the link for video!


I am a fan of the focus on bug fixing. Curious, there isn’t any new features for dynamics even though that’s what it seems a majority of updating is requested. You think it’s possible we might see a .5 version of 2019 that begins to introduce new features like we did with Maya 2016?

Animation caching is definitely a welcome feature.


I dont know, it seems its slowly dying, much like this forum.
Hope i’m wrong


A good overview.


Paying thousands of dollars for bugfixes :frowning:
Time to take a deeper look into houdini


Cause its looks like there is nothing in the box i played a bit Sherlock Oglu Holmes.

First there is for materialX in the pipe.
ShaderX the base for further development is coming from autodesk and is soon be merged into the Main.

Second there is UFE 1.0 in the maya SDK.

Its the Universal Front End that will enable maya to work with Bifrost and USD data.
Maya will be able to manipulate USD data without loading them into the Maya Scene.

USD data will be the new scenegraph for renderman. Its the base for scene handling of the future.

Aslo the the new Nvidia cards are able to read USD data without conversion.

The UFE will soon be part of the AL_USD plugin and will anable Maya to handle USD Data.

There is much more and if i find a way to not break my NDA i will jump in.


thank you oglu,

is there any roadmap or release date? 2019.5 in august? 2019.1 in may? without any news, maya development is like a black box…


I just loaded up 2019 and it is way snappier. Files load faster, selects high-poly objects faster, and higher frame rate performance in viewport with heavy animated scenes with the animation caching enabled. It is like night an day.

Viewport 2.0 finally works as expected! Seriously, just try it out

After years and years of so many people complaining that AD hasn’t prioritized bug fixes and performance tweaks, this looks like they’ve listened and followed through. It’s a bit late, but I’d rather that than beta test an unfinished release.

It is skimpy on major features, but honestly I just want the app to run well and be stable. The app is worthless if it isn’t… I’m sure some people are going to be upset so much emphasis was put on bug fixes, but it needed it.

Really looking forward to putting 2019 through its paces.


I imagine Maya release days are like Christmas at Side FX.


is maya going to be discontinued soon? this feels like pre-discontinue behavior on the part of autodesk to me


Would you say it’s safe to migrate from Maya 2018 to 2019 this early? I’m really interested is a better performing Maya. Feature wise, it accomplishes pretty much everything I could ever need and more, so performance and bug fixes are more ideal to me at this time.


After most releases, I see threads in The AREA about how people wished that Autodesk would first focus on fixing the bugs before worrying about adding new features.

This will hopefully be a nice stable base to build on top of.