Maxwell Interiors- Day And Night, Benjamin Brosdau (3D)


“4. Critiques and responses to images are to be constructive and related to improving the quality of the artwork.”



Woooow very great work :argh:


wow , fantastic , amazing . . . :thumbsup:


Another Maxwell Render blowout! Fantastic! What about adjusting camera perspective correction on 1st 2nd and 4th image a bit?


SIMPY AMAZING! I am speechless… so realistic!


maxwell looks nice but those render times are to core for it to be used in a motion peice.


fine ! !very fine , specialy the flsh style ( WOoOW ) :slight_smile:


waaaw !!!
great render , it is TOTALY AMAZING :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Stunning renderings. Even for a well trained eye, it is fooling. Congrats!



this is real? it really reach the realism level. another revolution in cg industry.
do maxwell support other cad plug-in? autocad viz/solidcad/ironcad/rhino ?


WOW… man, is realy great render!.. CONGRATULATIONS I’m a maxwell’s user and is very good enginer, but is very dificult make a clean render in 4 Hours… I think that your work is a 5 stars job…

Fantastic and amazing photorealistic render


thanks a lot guys!
But i think there is always something left to improve so I’ll continue working on them a bit more and maybe I do a high res version with less grain of the first kitchen.
@petteer: what do you mean by adjusting camera perspective? can you plase explain what should be changed in your opinion?


I’m getting myself maxwell! :smiley:
The grain doesn’t bother me that much. The feeling of reality is amaizing! It has a rich, warm ambient.
Great work! 5 stars definetely!


Awesome. You’ve really nailed it :slight_smile: I’ve enjoyed every second of Maxwell. The fact that the alpha is slow has not bothered me one bit… Although with these hyper-realistic “flashlight”-renders floating around the web it’s getting pretty ridiculous; great lighting being so easy to achieve, there goes my only excuse for being such a poor modeler :wink: I’ve done a few like these myself, and I think it’s safe to bet that altough there are still new tricks to discover with Maxwell (and more to come once we get the SSS), making cleaner meshes will be my nro one priority from now on. Once again, great job!

PS. I hope to see more animations rendered with Maxwell in the near future, wink wink :wink:


Wow, bin wirklich beeindruckt… Leider is Maxwell noch nicht für C4D draußen, bis dahin aber bewunder ich deine wirklich extrem guten renderings :> :thumbsup:



great renders, tora. if you plan to rerender 1st pic, please remove that ugly texture mirroring on the right :wink:

this thread deserve front page plug !

edit : oops, i was talking about 2nd pic :wink: anyway, pictures are great


really stunning work :thumbsup:
how did you achieve such a realistic lighting?



Holy mother of…

The renders with that flash light effect are totally awesome. Damn you !!..
Kudo’s and stars for you.


awesome…how long did it take you to finish all of the models, very detailed


…and it’s still in ALPHA release. I don’t see the point of critiquing it until it’s in beta, but to each their own. And animations aren’t impossible, merely time prohibitive. :rolleyes:

Anyone who’s interested in the renderer can check it out at

Anyway, these are great images. You and Eldo are creating a unique and cool style with the digital flash look. Keep it up!