Maxscript question ! (noob level)


Hello !

I recently wrote a script in order to easily batch previews for several max files. My script is pretty simple, it opens succesively some .max file and create a preview for each one of them. It’s working fine but my problem is that in some files there is an XMesh loader (XMesh is a plugin from thinkbox) and if the XMesh can’t load correctly the sequence there is an “XMesh Loader Log Window” that pop up. This pop up windows won’t disapear and stay there. What I want is to destroy it or at least reduce it but I can’t find a way to access it using maxscript. Do you have an idea ?

Second question : When i open a file, it can take some time to load all the shaders and the textures and i want to be sure to process the preview once the viewport is correctly displayed. Is there a way to be sure everything is correctly loaded ?

Thanks for your time !