Maxscript listBox refresh


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I currently have a script that creates a list box that gets populated with some directory names once I select a project from another dropdown selection list in the same rollout. Currently each time I change the selection in the dropdown it adds the associated directory names to the existing contests of the listBox. I would really like the list box to be reset/cleared each time I change the sleection in the dropdown. I’ve tried using Fileslbx1.items = #() to flush listBox item array but I can’t seem to use that from within the dropdown selection function successfully.

Any help much appreciated.

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It is a good idea to show some of your code when you have a problem with it

try (destroydialog X ) catch ()
rollout X "" (

	local items = #( #("1", "2", "3"), #("4", "5", "6"), #("7", "8", "9") )
	dropdownlist dd items:#( "a", "b", "c" )
	listbox lb items:items[ 1 ] height:3
	on dd selected index do lb.items = items[ index ]

createDialog X


This is exactly what I need it to do! Thankyou Serejah.
My code is still embarrassingly beginner-y but I will send where I’m at next time.

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Am I able to update the local items to new values easily? Is it just a case of accessing the items via array? like items[3]? Sorry I am not near a max license at the moment.

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With your help I have it sorted! Thanks again.

destroyDialog x

rollout x “Untitled” width:197 height:275

listbox 'lb' "Files/Folders" pos:[23,55] width:112 height:8  align:#left
dropdownList 'ddl2' "DropDownList" pos:[27,15] width:102 height:40 items:#("C drive:", "D drive:") align:#left

on ddl2 selected index  do

	temp_gather =#()
	temp_gather[1] = getDirectories "C:\\*"
	temp_gather[2] = getDirectories "D:\\*"
	lb.items = temp_gather[index]


createDialog x