Maxscript Editor Code Snippet Generator


I am very happy to use the tab-tab function of Visual Studio
So I used mxseditor_calltips and mxseditor to make a code snippet generator

Configuration steps:

1. install mxseditor
2. remove [ctrl + tab] hot key:
menu-tools-open global options file
find:# User defined key commands
restart max
3. find script file [fn codeSnippet] write your code snippet

Known problems:

Shortcut keys are global,I didn't find a way to use the AssignCmdKey


Maybe you can revamp this tool to make something more interesting!


looks cool! but let me ask you how often do you compete in MaxScript speed competitions? :wink:


I just looked at the code … it’s very smart. Thanks for sharing. This looks like a good mxs learning material for the community.

one comment…

global mxse = mxseHotKeyOps()
global mxs  = mxseOps()

mxse, mxs

These globals for me are too commonly used. They can be easily overwritten by someone else.


I just changed some of the shortcut codes in the mxseditor_calltips .:crazy_face:


I rarely participate in forum discussions because of my poor English.:joy:


in vain … this forum is in dire need of young blood!


You’re absolutely right. When I uploaded this years ago I just left it as it as. Also It should be one global as it is one tool.

They’re not only global, but also block max shortcuts.
If you want to make it work use wm_activate message to toggle custom hotkeys. Remove them when editor gets deactivated and register them again on activation.


Maybe I am missing something but I use the Abbreviations for the same purpose.


Hi guys.
I just can`t download ‘MXSEditor Control Plugin’.
Seems file not more availavble on author site.
PLease share it if you can.


2018/2019 version link is working ok, not sure if there’s any newer ones available
if you need older versions look at