Maxscript access to Sub-Object in motion panel


Hi everyone!
Maybe someone can help me. I need to activate sub-object level in motion panel by maxscript. In docs and forums i cant find any information about this(



what’s Bip01 LIKTarget ?


Its CAT IKTarget
In properties, methods and interfaces of IKTarget i can just get controller of this Pivot. But I need functionality just like click on Sub-Object button. but in interface i also cant find it


You could find a command panel hwnd and then find the child control i.e. button to press it.
There certainly was another method to get the handle, but it is the only one I could find at the moment


Thnx!! I’ll try it now)


Something wrong. I use hwnd viewer to find hwnd of button. And after that try click on it. But nothing happens
If i do same things with modify pannel buttons - all work fine. but not with motion panel.
i use:

UIAccessor.PressButton 1317410P

working with hwnd little hard for me(



Can you make a little script that would create this LIKTarget programmatically so I could try this myself in 2020 max?
Perhaps it shouldn’t be hard to make it manually, but I never touched rigs & animations so it is a problem


tmp = Point name:“pn01” isSelected:true
tmp.controller = CATHDPivotTrans ()


problem was that is just doesn’t exist in 2014 which is my default version
I use spy++ to check which messages are being sent to controls.
As you can see it works, but I have no idea how to find the control. It is qt controls and seems like we can’t easily access button title from maxscript. Maybe python could help here


ok… here’s my noob attempt

qt    = python.import "PySide2.QtWidgets"
pymxs = python.import "pymxs"
app = qt.QWidget.find (
cp = (app.findChildren qt.QWidget "CommandPanel")[0]

buttons = cp.findChildren qt.QPushButton
-- buttons.count
buttons[1].click() -- click second button

If someone could show how to get the button title it would be very helpful




Unknown property: “QWIdget” in <module ‘PySide2.QtWidgets’

on this row ----> app = qt.QWIdget.find (
i dont know python((


hwnd_get = GetCommandPanelHWND()
dialog = windows.getChildrenHWND hwnd_get
UIAccessor.PressButton dialog[n][1]; print dialog[n][1]

i was try to bruteforce try click all ui elements. one by one. but also no result(



qws = python.import "PySide2.QtWidgets"
app = qws.QWidget.find (getMaxHWND())
cp = (app.findChildren qwidgets.QWidget "CommandPanel")[0]
bts = cp.findChildren qws.QPushButton


work for sure in MAX 2020


thanks, it was lowercase i character in QWIdgets word


Thnx so much!!! python method works perfect!!!


it’s Qt now… the WinAPI (uiaccessor) methods don’t work anymore for this part of UI


I have poor knowlege in UI at all. so for me that was totally mind blowing)


This is bad… You have to! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Every tech artist needs to do three things in “life”:

  • Develop a geometry plugin
  • Design a rig
  • Write a shader


… and three things as 2D tech artist:

  • Make your own font
  • Create an icon pack
  • Design your own LOGO



So much work to be done))