MaxPyDarkTheme: Dark Theme for Scripting Editor in Python Language PyMXS


I was actually searching for this a while ago to have Python in Dark Theme for 3Ds Max.
I normally use DarkScintilla for Maxscript, but I can’t find the same sort of thing for Python.

So, I made it myself.

Download Here


How to install:

  1. IMPORTANT! Close down all your 3Ds Max.
  2. Run a new 3Ds Max window as admin by : Start > type in “3ds max” > right click on the icon > “Run as administrator”
  3. Now, since you run 3Ds Max as admin, you can’t drag & drop the installer to the viewport.
  4. On the top menu, Scripting > Run Script…
  5. Choose [MaxPyDarkTheme_by_ManniiCode_x.xx.mzp] and then ‘Open’.
    Close down 3Ds Max, installation done, next, just run it normally.

Installation Note:

  1. The script requires ‘Run as administrator’ because is located inside maxroot.
  2. The script is tested on 3Ds Max 2023, It’s highly recommended to use 2022.3 or later.
  3. If somehow things go wrong, the script already made a backup during installation, and it’s called
  4. This Dark theme has been designed with a slightly different color scheme than DarkScintilla, making it easily distinguishable when switching between languages.

Restore Backup

  • To restore the original settings, simply delete [C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2023\] and rename the “” to “”.