Maxon App confusion


Wondering if anybody can shed some light on this issue, as Maxon support ticketing system is down.

Briefly: Using the Maxon app, but none of my purchases show up.

Got a new C4D + Redshift license for a 2nd workstation.
Successfully imported my Redgiant credentials for all of the suite tools.

Despite this, the Maxon App is not registering any of this stuff as purchased.
And after importing those credentials from Redgiant, I can only install a demo!

TBH the only thing I wanted the app for, was this seemed to be the legit way to get the latest Looks and Trapcode back inside of After Effects. The rest of my installation was relatively smooth, without the app.

I say relatively, because despite buying a bundle from Maxon, they still sent me to the Redshift page for a download, which came with its own headaches.

But, back to my main point. This app seems to do a poor job of seeing what apps are installed and licensed on your machine. Wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience?


Realized that I signed in with an old account above.