Max File name To object rename automatic


i have many object
i want to organize single by single with the Max File name To object rename automatic without extensation with script

example: 14_ArtWorks_H.max

i want objject name just file name without extensation

plz help me how can i do?

i want to rename without rollout script
i have rollout script

here it is

max_file_name = getFilenameFile maxFilename
rollout rename_rollout “Rename Object By Max File Name”


edittext base_name “” text:max_file_name
button rename_them_single “Click For Rename”

on rename_them_single pressed do
max select all
if base_name.text != “” do
for i in selection do = base_name.text

)–end on
)–end rollout
createDialog rename_rollout 250 53

plz help me plz plz plz