[Max 2021] Buttons tooltips stuck as top most window?


Buttons tooltips (checkbutton, pickbutton, etc.) seem to get stuck as top most windows in Max 2021 when the rollout is set to modal.

If you Alt+Tab to another window, the tooltip appears over it.

Do you guys get the same result?


	rollout RO_TOOLTIP "" width:112 height:88
		button  btn1 "Apply"  pos:[8,  8] width:96 height:32
		spinner spn1 "Value:" pos:[8, 64]
		on RO_TOOLTIP open do
			btn1.toolTip = "\nTry to modify the Spinner\nvalue and then click \"Apply\".\n\nDo it several times."
	createdialog RO_TOOLTIP modal:true


Max2021.3 trail - the same happens.


Thanks miauu.
I think it is a bug then. Very anoying if you have many buttons controls with tooltips.


It exist in 3ds Max 2020 also. I sent a bug report using your code. I hope you don’t mind?


Thank you miauu. :slight_smile: