Maurie Manning (Children's illustration sketchbook.)


After many years of using Corel Painter as my primary tool, I moved on to Clip Studio Paint for sketching and line-work about two years ago. Now I’ve become addicted to a couple new programs for digital painting. I’m using Expresii for its amazing watercolor algorithm (though since its meant for Eastern style painting, it’s a trick to get it to do fine detail.) Also, for opaque work, I’ve found Paintstorm Studio to suit me much better than Photoshop did. Here are a couple of recent color sketches.


Gah! Oozing personality, nice designs and the colors are crazy good. Almost got hypnotised by the color and depth of the fairy-child hair :o


Nice and sweet!


Very cool indeed!


Looking forward to more of your work not enough artist in our area are doing cool kid designs and its harder and harder to find


This is my cup of tea, love it! <3
Lately Ive fallen in love with procreate, drawing on my ipad pro with an apple pencil. Procreate can handle colors kinda like photoshop, and its pretty easy to custom make brushes.
This will be fun to follow!


Very nice and fun style and expression with these! These do not look like water color to me…seem more acrylic but that’s not a simple task to make digital look like water color


Looking forward to more work when you are ready


Cute ! Really dig your style