Matte painting prerequisites.


Hello,just found out about this site and did a bit of a reading here and there.

I am currently a graphic designer looking to get into the matte painting world.I am currently doing photomanipulations like this:[spoiler]


It is really basic and not photorealistic by any means but I am trying to get there.At least at a 2d level first.I would like some guidance on this if possible.I know that maya,nuke and zbrush (probably missing some)are the entry applications for this kind of job.What should I focus first ?Do you have any recommendations on this?

I would also like opinions on this:Art school seminars of matte painting
They teach around composition,3d,animation,vfx and sculpting/texture painting.Classes focus around 3d Max,maya,nuke,Davinci resolve e.t.c. As professional 3d matte painters, what is your opinion on this?Should I go for it?Or I should focus on another school for this?Or maybe learn by myself?