Materials - I can't color the hair emitter


I try to put color on my Hair Emitter and it doesn’t work, I can’t see it even if I render

The version of AM I’ using is 11.1b, system: Mac OS X

Thanks for any help.


Cant you see the color, or cant you see the hair at all?

-> if you cant see hair, press shift+8 or go to the option->rendering tab and activate hair.

Hm… could you give us a screenshot?
maybe your are not at frame 0?
If you cant figure it out you can always use a decal to color your model by appling it to the object, where the hair will come from and change its type to “other”.
Add a property to it and name it “diffuse color”…

this should work…


to change the color of the hair
(assuming your using the hair particle system)

you must adjust the color from the hair particle system its self

check the properties of the hair emitter in the project work space under

  • hair system
    • hair emitter

if getting it to show up at all is the problem, their are two ways of checking this

  1. the (shift+8) which is the toggle for particle systems in general

  2. select the hair system in the project workspace
    and in the properties menu in the “real time” dropdown menu toggle the quality option
    quality determines wheather hair is displayed in the modelling window thingy

(hey, im a vetren cool, that means i can post a picture or something):smiley:


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