Material/Shaders problem


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This is a common thing to see. To go around it you can turn Off - Visible in Editor for the Physical Sky and it should look like in the previous versions.


Hey, thanks for your reply! It solved the problem with physical sky, but I still have one question about shaders. Is it impossible to get reflections from omni lights, without using softboxes, sky and HDRI etc.? I remember using it like that in my renders or am I wrong about this?


You should be able to see any spotlight you add to your scene in the viewport reflections.

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I am getting the right reflections in my viewport, but not when I render it (default specular was removed). This is what I get… Any idea how come?


Here is the .c4d files, maybe that’ll help: easyupload . io/mxn5ke (I’m not sure if this is allowed on this forum)