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hi all,
this is an architectural glass & a brick shader used in my latest project.
i hope you you like it.
i also added a fresnel-effect glass ( i use it instead of the banji shader, cause sometimes i got endless render times).

>>get glass & brick shader here<<


I wanted a way to make a stone wall that didn’t require a lot of modeling and/or texture painting.

Download zip file


Hello again CGTalk Community,

here i have put together the fireshader and the smoke shaders.

There are no terms of use, have fun playing with it.


Greets djart


Because there was nothing to do today i made some sand-desertshaders.
Hope you like them.


Greets djart


2753 Productions

Automotive and Granite Shaders currently posted, more on the way…


Shader based materials.


Available here: 2753 Productions


eShop & 3D Content

New pricing in effect.


A Collection of standard and SSS material shaders for Cinema C4D now available on my web at
2753 Productions

Stop on by and say hi :slight_smile:


stick to free content here please


Free shaders by Kraphik 3D. rel 10.x and up.

Some examples with my own preview shape inspired by other mainstream
previews such as finalrender, vray etc…

Acrylic Plastic

Bottle plastic



a few vrayforc4d materials


OK, I’m a noob, I know. But how do I use this? I’m in Cinema 4D R12.


You need Vray for C4D to use these materials. If you have it, just download and load the .c4d file in the archive.


Oh got ya, thanks. Any way to get these types of metallic results without Vray?


Well, Vray is particularly good at materials like that, but yes, you can produce that kind of material without it. Take a look at the texturemaat site - not free, but very low-cost.


I am not sure if this is for materials because it´s a small scene.
It´s animated water shader with r12-r13 displacement
modifier. Actually it´s made by following a tutorial by
3D Fluff. I thought it could be quite useful.

Link and download info:


I have a few vray mats here:

VRay materials at

Hope you like them and they can be of use to you :blush:


Nice stuff. Thanks


scenes for cinema 4d