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Here is a Flaked Car Paint shader I recently created. It is done using SLA. IT is probably far from perfect but I thought it could be a good start for some experimentation. The flaking size is controlled by changing the noise effect size.




here’s a Velcro material i made with a simple mesh and some procedural shaders:

original thread link

anyone interested can download it from my C4DStuff section at my website

Carlos Agell website

i hope it will be usefull




Here’s a procedural mother-of-pearl material I slapped together:

Scene file:


Very nice shader AdamT.


Any FR2-c4d shaders to share anyone?


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is there any chance of converting c4d shaders into vray ones?

stupid question?


No chance, the CINEMA shaders need to be reprogrammed as V-Ray shaders.
Thats what makes fR 2 so interesting, it supports a number of CINEMAs own shaders directly.


okok:( thanx anyway!


You must have edited your answer. But I will point out to you that even if you get stuff from a friend who bought them, it is still “warez” and distributing them is not permitted.


hi! i know! i realized that so i edited it and no sharing is gonna happen!i will use em for personal use only! sorry ppl for me being a fool…

sorry no harm done i hope…


Ok i made this a couple of days befor it was just a test to see what´s possible with the c4d shaders.:slight_smile:
Every objekt got a single shader so no multilayer cheating.Here is what i got so far.
I mdae this with Cinema 4d Rel. 9.1

It is possible to start a second shader-challenge here in the c4d-section?:bounce:


Hi, I made this two shaders testing SSS in Cinema I hope that someone fin them useful :slight_smile:


Here i wanto share a little pack of textures (photos) from my private collection. 15 photos, 1600x1200 px, for all type of projects - non commercial and commercial. Big greetings for C4D community :slight_smile:

Hris (that’s not mistake, not Chris ) :slight_smile:

or mirror :


Here i want to share with you my next pack of photos for textures (31 photos, 1600x1200). All photos are availabla as freeware for non-commercial and commercial projects :slight_smile:

Big greetings

Link:” - size - 51 Mb


I shall no longer be offering folks the facility of obtaining copies of shaders on my site.

Martin Kay


Those are very clever. Thanks for sharing


Agreed. Here’s where a shader node system would come handy.

Jorge Arango


i dont know how to use the shader!!


well,but i have sth