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WOW thank’s

spider movie rock!! F1 wire rock!!


water droplets/particles thread


Intersect material.

Made this awhile back, its very interesting in animations, as i have been working on one with it. Anyways, just thought id share.



Scroll down to the bottom. There are some nice SLA presets, including a paint shader

Here is an example of the paint shader from Anders Kjellbergs site:


Many useful refraction values. There are 2 lists included in the zip file; A chart listed alphabetically and one listed by value. Hope this helps in your CG future!

Refraction Chart


you can download a sand-shader from my site…


great source for unfinished smooth woods:




…a shader-plugin and many ( I think about 200 ) great shaders for Cinema 4d !!!

also available for

3d Max and

Enjoy !!!



Here is the simple Bamboomaterial I used in my

latest Image.

The file :

There are two variations as shown in the picture :

The magentalayer in the colorchannel is used to create
variations of the green.

Regards axele


summer/spring and autumn leafs, model + textures!

done by me 2 months ago

preview picture:


a few shader for cinema R 7, 8 and 9.


just a little thing i found on the web while searching for tyre treads.

the have images of classic tyre pattern ready to start your own from.
just click the little arrow on the end of the lines where the tyres are listed.



i’ve made this simple photorealistic (hopefully) procedural eye texture and thought i might share this with you as i find it quite useful myself. made in R9.


All procedural materials, you can get both packs from my main renderosity page:


I have prepared few new textures from Rhodos…


All textures and other objects are availabla on download section.


These are four combinations of experimental shaders for C4D v8.5.

  They are available as a zipped file in the download section of my personal homepage:


few new shader on my new website


Here are some C4D shaders I have done for my own fun. The wood textures use photos I did in studio. Use them all without restrictions except for commercial resale or distribution.



Here is a little experiment I did to create “distressers”. There is a procedural one that renders somewhat slowly and a mapped one with some screen grabs showing a bit how it is done. Thought it could be of some help to someone.